2017 BootCamp in Edmonton

Thank you Trainees for coming out to this great event!

The 2017 Bootcamp was held in Edmonton in October of 2017, right after CSChE. We had a fabulous turnout.  Students presented and did lab experiments with the group.  Ben Gelfands’ topics covered metal-organic frameworks and talked about the x-ray diffraction and gas sorption techniques.  How to make MOFS and the history of MOFs was also discussed.  Dr. Rajendran’s group talked about the adsorption processes and targeted students to walk away knowing Dr. Rajendran’s group could help set-up, run and analyze breakthrough experiments and introduce everyone to the constraints and potentials of adsorption processes.  A key take away that students received was that the dialogue between chemists and engineers is essential and needs to continue for processes to evolve.  John Guo presented on life cycle assessment and identified the many players using LCA and provided specific examples and identified why and reminded everyone how important it is to apply LCA to all engineering projects.

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