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  • 2017 BootCamp in Edmonton (11/7/2017) - Thank you Trainees for coming out to this great event! The 2017 Bootcamp was held in Edmonton in October of 2017, right after CSChE. We . . . Read More
  • CCI Conference 2017 (5/18/2017) - The latest CCI Conference went off without a hitch. Many thanks to everyone who attended and helped put on this amazing event. More details can . . . Read More
  • CCI Conference – May 8-10 at UBC (3/31/2017) - The Carbon Capture Initiative (CCI) Conference will be held from May 8-10 at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC! Come join us at . . . Read More
  • Welcome Poupak! (3/6/2017) - We are happy to welcome Dr. Poupak Mehrani, who has joined us as a collaborator! Dr. Mehrani is a professor in the Department of Chemical . . . Read More
  • HQP Skills and Certification (1/23/2017) - Don't forget we have a highly qualified personnel (HQP) skills program and a bunch of different workshops to help you transition to your professional careers! . . . Read More

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A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

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