Dr. Joule Bergerson

Joule Bergerson is an Asst. Prof. in Chem. & Pet. Eng. at the U. of Calgary with joint appointments in the Inst. for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy and the Centre for Env. Eng. Res. & Educ. She has > 10 years’ experience in systems-level analysis for policy and decision making of energy system investment and management. Her work develops tools and frameworks for assessing technologies and policy implications from a life cycle perspective. She has addressed fossil fuel derived electricity, oil sands development and carbon capture and storage. She is P.I. for a ground-breaking Life Cycle Assessment of Oil Sands Technologies project with the U. Calgary, U. Toronto, government and industry. I am currently supervising 8 graduate students (4 PhD and 4 MSc) and 1 postdoctoral fellow. To date, 11 graduate students have successfully completed their degrees under my supervision.

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC