Dr. Tom Woo

Tom Woo is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Ottawa since 2005.  His current research interests include the large scale computational screening of solid sorbent materials (primarily Metal Organic Frameworks) for cost-effective CO2 capture. He has developed pioneering algorithms for simulating gas adsorption within nanoporous materials as was the first to show that molecular simulation can not only predict the gas adsorption isotherms well, but also predict the binding sites accurately (Science, 2010, 330, 650). His work has over 5500 citations and he has an H-index of 38.  He currently supervises 4 PhD, 2 MSc. Students and 1 PDF. 4 PhD and 4 MSc’s have graduated with one receiving the NSERC Doctoral Prize and Howard Alper Award (one awarded nationally in all areas of science and engineering).

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC