CREATE Carbon Capture Initiative (CCI) Training Program

Our training program has students from four Universities: University of Calgary, Alberta, British Columbia and Ottawa studying in the sciences, engineering, and policy programs. Our mission is to have a generation of highly qualified personnel able to engage across disciplines and sectors in the field of carbon capture.

If you are interested in joining our Program, we encourage you to complete the Application form.

One of the goals of CCI is to give graduate students the skills necessary to thrive in their work environment by providing them with professional skills and earning the ‘NSERC CREATE Carbon Capture Professional Skills Program Certificate’.  We have been working with the Graduate Offices in Calgary, Ottawa and British Columbia and have come up with a comprehensive list of seminars being offered.  The following are the required number of seminars/hours towards the Certificate which will be endorsed by the Graduate Studies Office:

Undergraduate Students – 8 hours – encompassing a minimum of 2 different seminars
Master’s Students – 10 hours – encompassing a minimum of 3 different seminars
Doctoral Students – 15 hours – encompassing a minimum of 4 different seminars

Once above is completed, a certificate will be issued to the student. Any students wanting to participate in our Program are strongly encouraged to contact us, as we are always looking to grow our network!

A list of currently available workshops is available for:

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC