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  • UBC Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Events
  • UBC Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Calendar
  • Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology Events
  • Graduate Student Research Commons Workshop Series
  • Career Services Online Resources Events
    Career Building
    Practical Tips for Growing your Network
    Discovering the Entrepreneur Within
    Essentials of Productive Teams
    Translate Your Research into Policy
    Roadmap to Resilience in Graduate School and Beyond
    Breaking Patterns of Procrastination
    Graduate Instructional Skills Workshop
    TAing in Large Classrooms: What to Expect and How to Excel
    Introduction to Developing a Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio
    Growth Mindset in TAing: Developing a Pathway
    Classroom Assessment Techniques: Know Why and How to Assess
    Value Your Work as Graduate Students
    Design and Facilitation of Small Group Activities
    Beyond Tests: Utilizing Authentic Assessment at University
    Foundations of Project Management
    Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment
    Augmented Reality Lunch and Learning
    Advising: Feeling Stuck or Unsure
    Job Search Strategies
    Practice Your Presentation Skills
    The Best Talk of Your Life: How to Communicate Your Research in a Memorable Way
    Panic to Power – Build Your Confidence
    How to Present your Research Concisely
    Skills of Communication
    Introduction to Interacting with the Media
    Practice Your Presentation Skills
    Research and Writing
    Statistics I, II, III, IV
    Graduate Student Writing Community
    Submitting Your Thesis
    Doctoral Exam Prep
    Resume and Cover Letter Lab
    Showcasing your Graduate Research in UBC’s Open Access Digital repository: Help with Copyright and More
    Graduate Student Writing Community
    Pixelating: A Digital Humanities Mixer
    Best Practices in Research Data Management
    Systematic Review Search methods
    WordPress and Wiki Clinic

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

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