Workshops – University of Calgary

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Career Building
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Business skills
  • Reference management
  • Lab management
  • Lab safety
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Networking
  • Career awareness
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Supervisory relationships
Research and Writing
  • Research writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Financial Management
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing
Writing Workshops Program
  • Getting started: Writing at the graduate level
  • Academic integrity and using sources effectively
  • Strategies for developing research proposals
  • Strategies for reflective writing
  • Critical thinking and scholarly writing
  • Strategies for writing scientific research reports
  • Graduate writing boot camps
  • Strategies for writing graduate scholarships and other applications
  • The principles of effective writing
  • Writing for and speaking to non-academic audiences
  • Writing academic publications that get published
Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • Creative Crossroads
  • SOTL Writing Mini Retreat
  • Using Time Wisely
  • Tein the TI Application
  • Exploration in Contemplative Pedagogy
  • Flipped Learning Workshop
  • Intro to Adobe Connect Meeting
  • D2L Essentials
  • Curriculum Series
  • Explorations in Contemplative Pedagogy

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC