Workshops – University of Calgary

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Career Building
Resumes for Non-Academic Careers
Assessing Your Transferable Skills Developed in Your Graduate Program
Building Career Resilience
General Interview Strategies for Non-Academic Careers
Essentials of Productive Teams
Foundations of Project Management 2
Leveraging your Strengths for Professional Success
Professional Networking Skills for Graduate Students
Skills of Communication
Research and Writing
Building your Scientific and Technical Writing Skills
Writing at the Graduate Level
Getting started: Writing at the graduate level
Academic integrity and using sources effectively
Strategies for developing research proposals
Strategies for reflective writing
Revising and editing
Critical thinking and scholarly writing
Strategies for writing scientific research reports
Graduate writing boot camps
Strategies for writing graduate scholarships and other applications
The principles of effective writing
Writing for and speaking to non-academic audiences
Writing academic publications that get published
SOTL Writing Mini Retreat
Introduction to Adobe Connect Meeting
Teaching Awards Drop-in Consultation
D2L Individual Work Session
Teaching Assistant Orientation
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Writing Mini-Retreat
What Makes a Great TA?
Theories and Issues in Postsecondary Teaching and Learning
Effective Communication in Teaching and Learning for International Graduate Students
Blended Learning: Integrating the Online and Classroom Environments
Inquiry Based Learning: Community of Practice Meeting
D2L Essentials
Fika at the Taylor Institute
Teach in the TI Application Information Session
Curriculum Series
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Writing: Journal Club
Formative Feedback for Teaching Development
How to Design and Build an Interactive Game for Teaching and Learning
Student Assessment and Feedback Strategies
Using Mental Health and Wellness as a Framework for Course Design
Peer-Led Discussion for Postdoctoral Scholars
Themed Conversation: Team Teaching
Course Design Program
Responding to Students in Distress and Creating a Supportive Learning Environment
Developing your Teaching Dossier
Teaching Controversial Issues
Video Authoring and Digital Storytelling
Cross/Intercultural Competencies and Intercultural Effectiveness
Facilitating Active Learning
Brainsmoothies: Teaching and Learning Wellness Together
Developing Rubrics for Assessment of Student’s Undergraduate Research
Community Action Poverty Simulation Event
Using Learning Spaces for Collaboration
Flipped Learning Workshop: Creating a Flipped Lesson
Speakeasy: Just Crazy Enough to Work
Teaching and Learning in Today’s Classrooms: Questions Around Inclusion
Top Hat Training
Education for Reconciliation
Identity in the Classroom: Exploring Instructor Impact
Community of Practice: Contemplative Pedagogy
Community of Practice: Wellbeing in the Classroom
Teaching with Technology
Helping Students Help Themselves: Strategies and Resources
Writing Learning Outcomes
Teaching Online Program

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

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