Workshops – University of Ottawa

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    Career Building
    Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
    Intellectual Property: an Entrepreneur’s Guide
    The Versatile Graduate: Exploring Diverse Career Paths for PhDs
    Non-Academic Work Search
    Converting a CV to a Resume
    Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers
    Academic and Research Integrity
    Intercultural Competency
    Mental Health and Well-Being
    Research and Writing
    Converting a CV to a Resume
    Foundations of Community Engaged Scholarship
    Foundations of Community Engagement
    Lesson Planning
    Teaching Dossiers
    Teaching Online: Advanced Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students
    Teaching Online: Basic Skills for TAs
    Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
    Mentoring: Undergraduate Students
    Research Management

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC