Workshops – University of Ottawa

Please check the following links for program details:
    Career Building
    How to Prepare for a Career Fair – Engineering
    Engineering and High Tech Career Fair
    Time Management
    Summer Job Fair
    Business Ethics
    Work-Life Balance
    Critical Thinking
    Canadian Workplace
    7 Key Competencies Employers Look for in Employees
    Stress Management
    Power of Silence in Insecure and Gendered Sites
    Rethinking the Power of Silence in Insecure and Gendered Sites
    Social Media and your Mental Health
    Communication Proposal
    Conflict Management
    Navigation the Troubled Waters of Conflict
    MBTI in a Context of Teamwork and Communication
    Research and Writing
    Master’s/Ph.D. Thesis Writing
    What is Research? Its Life and Components
    Managing my Research Project
    Project Management in Research
    Writing Effective Briefing Notes
    Clear Writing
    Grad Writing Café

A Multidisciplinary Research Solution in Carbon Capture

Funded by NSERC